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Tony Piccolo MP

Local MP attended the mens shed as a special guest and local member of Parliament, Tony is also a PATRON and instrumental in the mens shed and promoting mens health

Celebration Gathering

10th Anniversary Celebration gathering

Celebration Gathering 2

10th Anniversary Gathering celebrated in 2018

Sawstop Demo 1
Sawstop Demo 2
Sawstop Demo 4

This demonstration shows the ability of the Saw stop to avoid personal injury when fingers get too close

Sawstop Demo 5

No Sausages were harmed during this demonstration, as you can see the sausage representing a finger in the path of the saw dissapeared avoiding any damage.

Sawstop Demo 3

This is the result of what happens when a finger or any part of the human body comes in contact, the break jams the saw blade avoiding personal harm or loss, and even death..... AMAZING Technology

History slideshow
Creations stall
MFS Display

Metropolitan Fire Service Showcasing their Fire engines and talking about different information relating to what they do all the time

SES Display

State Emergency Service shows everyone one of their vehicles and equiptment and discuss what they do.

Vintage machine 1
Vintage Machine 2
Vintage Machine 3
Vintage Car
Vintage Tractor
Vintage car 2
Vintage Tractor 2
Vintage Mini
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